Cargo Fulfilment

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Whether you’re shipping steel, coffee or other high-value items, you’ve got the process of moving shipments in storage containers down to a fine art. But you also know it’s not an exact science...

Due to the fluctuating temperatures en-route, at some point you’re going to encounter the risk of expensive goods being damaged through condensation build-up, often called ‘container rain’. This is a serious problem which requires a smart solution. You can mitigate 'container rain' with exactly the right product: BirchSorb Cargo. Our highly effective product for protecting goods from container rain during transportation is the best absorber on the market.

It’s an exclusive hyperdesiccant dehumidifier which absorbs moisture from the air, therefore reducing the risk of any water damage. It locks in the moisture so well that it’s a staggering eight to ten times more effective than silica gel and other absorbers. Silica gel manages just 27% of its own weight, but BirchSorb Cargo takes in a minimum of 200%. It also lasts for a minimum of eight weeks. 

In other words, you need much less of it, and it lasts longer. A typical closed container of approx. 20 tonnes may generate three beer bottles of moisture, which requires thirty or more sachets of silica gel. With BirchSorb Cargo you can cut that down to three. It’s also incredibly easy to install.

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Our scientists discovered a remarkable molecule during lime production which is incredibly effective at drawing in moisture. Recognising a need for high quality absorption products in the haulage and shipping industry, BirchSorb was developed from that scientific discovery.

Once installed, BirchSorb’s unique blend of active ingredients absorbs moisture and begins to set into a solid form. The moisture is chemically bound in an exchange between BirchSorb Cargo’s fast and slow-acting components and the product doesn’t release moisture back into the container atmosphere. 

BirchSorb is completely odour free, so there’s no fragrance to worry about. It’s food contact approved, so is completely safe for use in close contact with coffee and other food or drink products. It can also be used in conjunction with other anti-moisture products such as liners, so it’s highly convenient and fits perfectly within your shipping management plan. You won’t have supply chain issues either – we make sure there is always stock available.

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