BirchSorb 500T Hyperdesiccant - 500ml absorption (Packed 40)

BirchSorb 500T Hyperdesiccant - 500ml absorption (Packed 40)

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BirchSorb Damp Absorber 250gm with adhesive tape (Packed 40 per box)

Pack contains a single unit of BirchSorb Damp Absorber - our powerful and exclusive hyperdesiccant dehumidifier. A must for the cargo industry.




  • Container shipping companies

  • Land haulage companies

  • Distribution companies

  • Delivery companies



  • Absorbs moisture from the air, protecting against the damaging effects of container rain.

  • Absorbs moisture to at least double its own weight.

  • Excellent protection all year round, across a wide range of humidity conditions (from -5º - 60º degrees centigrade).

  • Single unit effective for 8 weeks minimum (depending on conditions).

  • Completely odour free.

  • Safe for use with food and coffee (etc).

  • Protects steel against moisture damage.

  • Easy to fit or re-fit.

  • ‘Locks in’ moisture so no re-release or leaks, whatever the temperature.

  • Requires 10x less units than with silica gel products



Each pack contains a BirchSorb Damp Absorber hyperdesiccant dehumidifier.

BirchSorb 500ml unit measures: 220 x 187mm, Packed 40 per box.

Download BirchSorb Summary document for further details

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